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  • How to Overcome Fear of Investing as an Immigrant Masterclass


    This Masterclass Includes:

    • 1 day of customized, private unlimited text/audio note message coaching support with Adina to discuss investing fears holding you back and work through them (date to be selected after purchase)
    • Unlimited access to comprehensive video lessons walking you through how to overcome the fear of investing as an immigrant, so you can stop wasting time overthinking and get started building wealth, including:
      1. How to Get Clear on What All the Fears Are Exactly2. How to Shift From Scarcity to Abundance in Your Wealth Building Journey3. How to Move Forward Despite Your Fear of Losing Money Investing4. How to Empower Yourself Despite Immigration-Related Fears with Investing5. How to Overcome the Fear of Not Being Able to Afford to Invest

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  • Immigrant Finance School

    Immigrant Finance School™ – Self Study Program


    From Uncertainty & Overwhelm to Financial Independence: The Immigrant’s Fast-Track to Safely Investing and Wealth Building in the U.S.

    Immigrant Finance School™️ is our signature investing and wealth building program for immigrants and their families. Enroll below to join our Self Study Program and get full access to 10+ years of strategies that have helped us and over 200 students transform from paycheck to paycheck to confident investors. It is the only financial education program in the world designed specifically for immigrants by an immigration attorney/Accredited Financial Counselor and proud immigrant that incorporates immigration law into financial planning. We teach you how to build healthy financial systems, invest, buy real estate, and start a business, even without a social security number.

    For higher level coaching support, you can also upgrade to instead join our next 6 week Small Group Live Coaching Accelerator starting March 4th here.

    Learn how to open investment accounts, master U.S. financial systems, and build passive income (even without a social security number), paving the way for future security and generational wealth. Read more about the program here.

    The Immigrant Finance School™ Self Study Program also includes support for any questions you have, with no cut off date (unlimited access) through a private students & alumni Facebook group. We make sure you are never on your own and all your questions are answered within 48 hours Monday-Friday.

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